Park School Song

Mr. B. wrote the music and lyrics to the Park School Song in 2005. After the music was created, Mrs. Alberts added her vocal talent to the song, giving students the opportunity to learn the melody and the lyrics as they listened to the song. The song was introduced to the students and the school community in January of 2006.

Once the students were familiar with the song, it was time to add their vocals to the recording. Auditions were held during the spring of 2007 to find the new voice of the Park School Song. Many students auditioned for the song but it was Susannah Mckenzie-Sutter who was chosen to provide the lead vocal. Back-up vocals would be provided by Elisha Blacklock, Briana Courtemanche, Heather Cuthbertson and Casandra Tabak. Over the course of several weeks, the eager group of girls met with Mr. B. and Mrs. Mitchell for rehearsals and, at the end of June 2007, went into the studio to finally put their beautiful voices down on "tape".

"A special thanks goes out to Mr. Dave Ferri of Orchard Studio (Now Big Bay Sound) for letting us come into his studio, and for being so patient with us. It was such a thrill to be in a real recording studio and we have no doubt the experience will always remain with us! Thanks also to the parents for making sure our little Super Stars made it to the recording session. Finally, thanks so much to Susannah, Elisha, Briana, Heather and Casandra for all your hard work . . . you were such an amazing group to work with. We are so very proud of you!"

- Mr. B. and Mrs. Mitchell -

Click below to listen to the song in three formats (full vocals, back-up vocals or instrumentals only). You may freely download the song to add to your child's music library. For any other uses, please contact the school.

Park School Song (Full Audio)


Park School Song (with back-up vocals)


Park School Song (Instrumental only)


Park School

R. Bettencourt, 2005

Clap your hands way up in the air,

Sing it loud for everyone to hear.

This is the place where friends learn and play,

Working together day after day.

Friendly faces greet us everyday,

Guiding hands help us to grow,

And we know that wherever we go,

Whatever we do . . .

Park School, we'll always remember you!

We're a school that knows how to care,

Come on in and we'll give you a reason to smile.

Look around, it's easy to see,

We've got heart, we've got style!

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