Volunteer Information

At this time we are not having volunteers in our building - September 2020

Volunteers are valued at Park and we welcome and encourage volunteers in our building. See below for volunteer opportunities available in our school.

Please visit the Board's Website for details and required forms prior to volunteering in the school.

NEW volunteers must submit a Volunteer Application Form along with an ORIGINAL Police Record check current within 6 months of the day submitted.

RETURNING volunteers must complete an Annual Offence Declaration.

Police Checks can now be done online - Click HERE for details.

Why Do We Need Volunteers?

Studies show that when parents and community are involved with their school, children’s attitudes toward school improve and their level of achievement increases. Studies also show that the success of school programs and the effectiveness of the schools themselves increase when parents and community are involved. We recognize the distinction between the role of the trained professional educator and the role of the volunteer, and will be communicating this on an ongoing basis.

Some of our Volunteering Opportunities include…


Opportunities to assist with fundraising throughout the year will be communicated by School Council.


Volunteers are always welcomed to assist the children in their quest for information and knowledge. Whether books or computers, children's learning experiences are enhanced with the help of a volunteer! Time commitment can be as little as 1 or 2 hrs per month or as great as you wish. Help will also be needed with the Scholastic Book Fair in the fall and spring.

Reading Help

If you have patience, understanding and a sincere desire to help and encourage a child to develop and succeed in improving his or her reading skills, then this opportunity may interest you. Time commitment can be as little as ½ hour per week or greater if you wish.

Expert Resource for Curriculum Segments

Help to bring a curriculum topic to life by sharing your expertise or knowledge with students.

Extracurricular Activities

There are a number of events that the children participate in during the school day and seasonally (i.e. Battle of the Books, Volleyball, Track & Field, etc). Students benefit from hands-on learning when volunteers introduce and demonstrate their skills. If you are interested in being contacted with information about these events, please submit a HDSB Volunteer Application Form to your child’s teacher.

Physical Education Activities

Teachers and coaches have often found that an extra pair of hands would be helpful at events such as track meets and off-site after school activities. Sometimes school teams need help with coaching and coordinating. Time commitments would be flexible, vary from event to event, and can be discussed with the staff person coordinating these specific events and activities.

Classroom Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering in a classroom, please be aware that the needs of our teachers will vary from classroom to classroom. Volunteers may assist with learning activities, field trips, oral reading, creating displays, preparing learning materials or assisting in the special lunch program. Some activities, such as coordinating book orders and preparing materials, may be completed at home. Time commitment is completely flexible.